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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Light posting

I wish I could bring my daily posting back up to previous levels. And I apologize for those times readers of this blog check in only to find that I haven't posted recently.
Like R-Five over at Speed Gibson, I am dieting. My diet is going very well. I've lost nearly ten pounds. But I'm in that phase of the diet that spells "crisis" to my body. (Ask Nancy Pelosi what a crisis is. She'll tell you.) I'm exhausted. I often have trouble concentrating, especially in the evenings when I used to post most often. Writing this post itself is a struggle. My brain is behaving like Homer Simpson's. Nothing in there but the repeated word, "donut".

I am confident that my energy will return once my body has been flogged mercilessly by the severe ravages of starvation. It's being taught that it is no longer permitted to draw energy from a bloated belly that is constantly being refilled. It is being instructed that in order to operate, it must draw off stored energy supplies from fat globules nestled around layers just beneath the epidermis.

There now. That felt better. I hope you will continue to check in on this blog. When my energy returns, my posting frequency will increase. I'm banking on it.


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