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Monday, January 17, 2005

Understanding World War IV

Norman Podhoretz is one of the key founding members of the NeoCon club.
Some months ago, Mr. Podhoretz published a lengthy piece describing the world at war today. He suggested that we are witnessing World War IV, as the Cold War is better thought of as World War III. I wish I could link that piece but it's only available in its archived form for subscribed members. It's entitled How To Win World War IV.

Now Mr. Podhoretz has published a new thesis called The War Against World War IV. Unless you want to subscribe to Commentary magazine (evidently not a bad idea, by the way), I suggest you print a hardcopy now before it's archived.

These two pieces are invaluable reads in understanding what is going on in our war-torn world. The hard leftists would scarcely agree with much of it. And I doubt the Islamists would agree with much of it either. But the NeoCons and the White House most surely see eye-to-eye with both of these treatises.


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