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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Archiving NARN, continued

Last Saturday I phoned in live to the Northern Alliance Radio Network, heard live most Saturdays in the Twin Cities on The Patriot 1280am. I let the boys know that I'm calling for Internet archiving of their shows.
We get NARN over the Internet in a live feed, thanks to the work of the lovely and talented David Strom of Taxpayers League of Minnesota. Thank you, David!
I once approached David about the archiving idea and he agreed that it's "a great idea". But he didn't offer any explanation to me about its feasibility. Naturally, I assumed that David would try to do something about turning a "great idea" into a great reality. And perhaps he has tried. I don't know

I do know that when I phoned in to the show last Saturday, Mitch Berg of Shot In The Dark explained that archiving is expensive because of storage and bandwidth issues. But he didn't explain why the same advertisers who bring us NARN most weekends are not interested or able to bring us the archives.
He also mentioned some kind of mysterious legal obstacles. I don't know what those are in specific.

Also, my thanks go out to R-Five of Speed Gibson for echoing the story.

In the meanwhile, I'll be listening to the Hugh Hewitt Show tonight on my sport radio at the gym. NARN is substituting for Hugh tonight. It's carried on The Patriot from 5 - 8 pm in the Twin Cities, or you can access it over the Net by clicking on the button in the upper right hand corner of Hugh's website. But you'd better have some free time to hear it live. Because if you miss it then, you're s.o.l.



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