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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Archiving right-wing shock jocks

The thinning and ever lighter R-Five of Speed Gibson blogs in support of archiving NARN and the Hugh Hewitt Show. R-Five demonstrates the power of the blogosphere in bringing new information to the issue. I was not aware that other shock jocks have...huh? They're not shock jocks? Okay, I'll simmer down the hyperbole a bit. As Hugh has taught and demonstrated, a little showmanship and elevated theater can go a long way toward garnering attention to a cause.
I was not aware that other center-right radio commentators had archives available on a paid subscription basis. I see that both Prager and Limbaugh offer their archives "commercial free". That's a wonderful option. Hugh Hewitt and NARN should follow suit. Of course, I would assume that the exposure of such a paid service would reach fewer listeners than a free access with commercials. If I were Dr. Greg Cynaumon or Shawn Talbott, I would be very concerned about missing out on extending my message to target audiences and would rush to offer to pay a higher fee to the broadcaster to keep my product ads in the archives.
Of course, while courting listeners to your advertised product is not always a honeymoon they would not be paying advertising dollars if they weren't attracting business.

Fresh Air Radio KFAI-FM is public radio and has no advertising. It's all paid for with tax dollars and listener contributions and generous donations from corporations that value alternative radio. This radio station has a two week window of program archives. Scroll down their Archive page and you'll see every single show.

Fresh Air Radio is a very liberal radio station. They understand that in the 21st Century listeners have busy lives and are not always near a radio with the free time available to listen during a strict window of air time. It's all available for the listener to play via stream over their computer speakers when they want to. And they have two weeks to find that time.

Are Hugh Hewitt and the Northern Alliance Radio Network going to continue to allow themselves to be outmaneuvered by Fresh Air Radio?


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