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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bloggers 2, MSM 0

Captain Ed of Captain's Quarters blog has an article in the Daily Standard. He also has this post in his blog explaining the relevance of the failure of the Main Stream Media's "blackout" of the Eason Jordan story.
I think EasonGate has turned out to be bigger than RatherGate.
At least RatherGate was a story that the msm acknowledged and reported on. EasonGate (or Eason's Fables, as the Captain calls it) demonstrates an even more stark lesson; our television sets and newspapers have omitted parts of the real world that the media elites don't want us to know about.
The image that the msm presents to us is an illusion of their own making. If the truth is out there, we can't count of the alphabet networks or the dead tree printers to let us have a peek at it. If it doesn't fit their pre-ordained narrative, they have the ability, the will and the means to simply deny it to us.

Until now.


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