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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Chinese restaurant hell

Okay, so I stop at this little Chinese restaurant I never heard of that's on 66th Street called The Red Pepper. I decide I'd like to have a pork lomein dish and a glass of Cabernet to wash it down. But the waiter forgets to serve my wine. I got a complimentary pot of tea and a glass of ice water and my lomein. The dish was merely adequate. It had a starchy flavor to it that masked the flavors of the barbecued pork and the noodles.
I decided that I'd allow this restaurant to do me the favor of saving $6.50 from my check. I did not remind the waiter that I ordered the glass of wine until I received my check... and I was charged for it.

I'm terribly sorry, but I never got my wine. Could you please remove it from my check?

Okay, said the waiter.

He was visibly startled to learn that I was correct. He'd simply forgotten my wine. And he turned to make the adjustment at his station. Then a question occurred to him and he turned to ask, Do you still want it?

No, thank you.

Now it was time for my fortune cookie and the mysterious power of its glimpse into my unique life and it's grand design.

"You have a rare ability to treasure the simple things in life.", it said.

Yes. I do. And I intend to blog about it.


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