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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Eason Jordan has resigned

Once again the blogosphere has taken down a main stream media giant. Captain's Quarters was one of the crucial blogs in this story.
Congratulations, Ed! And thank you for so effectively watchdogging the liberal elite media.

To my mind, Jordan's resignation from CNN is a much bigger story than the story that brought him down. As many other bloggers have noted, the Captain among them, Jordan could have avoided this whole mess by simply admitting early on that he'd made a stupid blunder, apologized for it and moved on.

I can only guess that the reasons for Jordan's mistake in avoiding that damage control are two-fold;

a) An underestimation of the importance of the Eason's Fables story.

2) An underestimation of the power of the blogosphere in sustaining that story.

Jordan had to have been impressed with the manner in which the blogosphere and talk radio took down Dan Rather over MemoGate. So why didn't he apply that lesson to his own dilemma? Because he underestimated these two factors.

This is enormously interesting. In America's pre-9/11 world, the nation grew complacent and had a false sense of security because of the oceans that we'd thought protected us from a hostile world. The evil attacks of that day changed our perception and forced us to adjust.
Years and years of main stream media dominance and power had instilled an arrogance, complacency and a false sense of security in their way of doing business. But Dan Rather's fall from grace and now Eason Jordan's defeat are sending shock waves through the main stream media. One wonders how many more such shocks they must sustain before they realize that their mindset is fatal.
Not coincidentally, Jordan had made his damning claims against the U.S. military overseas. He and CNN have recently learned that the seas do no protect their machine from blow-back in reaction to anti-military statements made across the pond.
So, if you want a distilled and unified message out of events that have been occuring in this new millenium it is this; The world is shrinking. Your enemies and your friends and neighbors are all just a shot away, they're just a kiss away.

So far as the MSM goes and their abilities to understand this, the answer has to vary with each institution. Some are getting smart quickly and some will continue in their disillusionment of arrogance. I don't see any reason to believe that we've seen the last MSM giant's toppling.


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