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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Radio archive alternatives

The grapevine that is the blogosphere elicits this helpful posting from King Banian of SCSU Scholars in regard to the question of providing access to archives of NARN and the Hugh Hewitt Show.
King provides some background information that not surprisingly, this issue is not new and has been hashed around for some time. But King brings more information to the table (my table, anyway) regarding the legal obstacles to my called for archives.

That's an FCC rule; there is a long-standing battle over the use of the internet to broadcast things put over the air. Commercials are one thing affected by the rules. This might have been the problem for KRLA.

If there is a rule against providing archives with commercials, well, I'm dumbfounded that KRLA got away with it for so long. I suppose this rule also explains why, as I'd cited the other day, KFAI-FM Fresh Air Radio has such an impressive archive; They're public radio and have no commercials.

Delving into King's links to Steve Gigl's options, I have to say that those are not bad options. Maybe they are better options than trying to wrestle with radio stations, the FCC and trying to scare up funding to pay for extra bandwidth.
Also, James Lileks shared this with readers of The Bleat a couple of months ago.

If I were to purchase some gizmo that will do the job or, even if NARN and Hugh Hewitt wind up providing an excellent archive service, I don't imagine that I would unfailingly listen to every single show. Well, the Northern Alliance Radio Network once per week or even a few times on occasion would be worthwhile. But the Hugh Hewitt Show, while it's a top notch show, five 3-hour listenings per week is just too much talk radio for me. But sometimes a special event or topic or guest will mandate that a show must be heard.

We take our VCRs for granted. If there's something on the tube and we're busy...program the VCR. I don't see why radio should be any different. So, yes, in light of the realities I think Steve Gigl has some good alternatives.

In conclusion, I must say now that I am calling off the pressure upon the NARN and the Hugh Hewitt Show to encourage them to archive their programs and provide free and easy access to their listening audiences. My initiative failed to achieve its stated purpose. But it succeeded in bring some information forward regarding this issue. If I were a Democrat, I would continue to persue petitions and marches in the streets to get NARN and Hugh Hewitt to archive their shows. Maybe we could pass a law. The Republican way of getting things done is to do it yourself.
'Nuff said.


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