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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Shock jock treachery

I'm pig-biting mad at right-wing shock jocks like Hugh Hewitt and the Northern Alliance Radio Network. They are actively barring information from the public. I've fired off an email to Hugh Hewitt identifying the problem;

Dear Hugh.
I was a frequent user of KRLAs online access to the HH Show when it was available. It was a wonderful service. Here in Minneapolis, I would often get home at 8:30 pm weekdays and I could simply click on the picture of your toothy portrait in KRLAs website and listen to an archived file of that day's most recent installment of the HH Show. Tragically, that option is now removed from KRLAs site. Searching the Internet, it appears that no radio outlet provides any such service anymore.
None. Nada. Zilch.
Oh sure, there are plenty of buttons to listen to the HH Show "live". But if I had the opportunity to listen to it "live" I would use my radio for that. We need to use the power of the Internet to its full capacity and allow listening to archived programs. Preferably, there should be access to every show that was ever aired. We have the technology, so why not utilize it?
Your fan, pinkmonkeybird.

I've also put the NARN on notice, asking right-wing shock jock "Peeps" for help in gaining access to their recent substitute gig on the Hugh Hewitt Show Thursday, last.

I will not tolerate this wanton crushing of the dissemination of information. The blogosphere has effectively brought pressure to bear upon the MSM for accountability in reporting the truth. Eason Jordan, Dan Rather and Howell Raines are not the only persons to feel the wrath of the blogosphere. The blogosphere can also bring such pressure upon right-wing shock jocks such as Hugh Hewitt and the NARN to allow crucial information and top-notch radio shows such theirs through Internet archives. At the very least, we should have such access for a 24 hour period.

Therefore, I am calling all bloggers to join this cause by increasing the chatter. If you have a blog, please write about this issue. Alternative media must not be squelched. Let's rattle the cage until KRLA, The Patriot, Salem Radio Network and other affiliates offer this much-needed service.
As Newman of the Seinfeld show once said, paraphrasing his exact words:

Newman: (Sinister) All right, all right. All right you go ahead. You go ahead and keep it secret. But you remember this. When you control the [Internet radio], you control... information.


  • At 1:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, curb your enthusiasm! I heard you on NARN, but I don't know why this upsets you so. There are free or inexpensive alternatives.

    I do think Hugh should offer a premium service like Rush , Prager, and now Bill Bennett, as I posted today. If Bennett can do it, surely Hugh can.

  • At 10:13 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Thanks for Commenting, Anon.
    I will not calm down. Yes, there are alternatives. I recall that Lileks once posted about a gizmo that functions for radio like TiVo does for television. I think it retails for about $100. I know from experience that soon after I might purchase such a toy, it would be rendered needless and my expenditure would have been wasted.
    Yes, "Morning In America" has archives. Why not Hugh Hewitt and NARN? They have better shows, imho.


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