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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Jonah again

This from the Corner;

From a reader:

Dear Mr. Goldberg:

Your opinion that Americans who vote Democratic are really "Europeans
taking on the form of Americans" is proof that you are a complete idiot.

I guess anyone who doesn't scream in public that they are fervent
patriots, display sufficient symbols of national superiority, demonstrate unquestioning loyalty to a leadership cadre imbued by God with absolute infallibility, and denounce anyone around you with an independent notion of right and wrong as traitors or worse . . . is a "body-snatched zomboid creature" and should be put to death.

That logic makes you an American Nazi. Enjoy your heritage.

Hilarious. Jonah Goldberg is probably doing a greater service for his country as editor of the National Review than he would be as a soldier. Not that he wouldn't make a good soldier. But he's a terrific editor.


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