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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Nasty television

If I'm not mistaken, Meet The Press has the highest viewership of all the Sunday morning television news shows. That's why I try to watch it just before Fox News Sunday.
Meet The Press is a very painful show to watch, it is so severely biased toward the liberal Democrat view. On today's roundtable they had Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, David Broder of the Washington Post, Katty Kay of the BBC and Paul Gigot of The Wall Street Journal. All of these pundits are hard left Democrat supporters except for the conservative Paul Gigot. It was a pathetic gangup. Throughout the discussion it was put forward by these pundits that John Bolton is anti-UN and his appointment as U.S. ambassador will increase anti-American sentiment in the world. There was a visceral pleasure in Tony Blair's damage in the last election in the U.K. The battle in the U.S. Senate over the "nuclear option" was painted as a mistake committed by brash, young Republicans and a vicious right-wing media. All of them in chorus against Mr. Gigot's reasoned disagreement.
But I think I may change my habits and switch to At Issue with Tom Hauser. I've considered my viewing of Meet The Press to be an education in what the liberal biased media is spinning in weekly political circles. But I think I've seen enough.

At Issue devotes the greater portion of its time to local politics. With the coming local elections looming, I'd rather spend my precious hour viewing a well-balanced local show than a shamefully biased program like Meet The Press.

The last thing I'd like to say about Meet The Press is this; Seeing and listening to the opening introductory titles and music of Meet The Press tells you all you need to know about the show's arrogance. A brass ensemble blaring a pompous theme that proclaims, "YOU ARE ENRICHED WITH THE SUPREME HONOR OF HAVING BEFORE YOU THE WONDROUS RICHES OF AMERICA'S BEST AND MOST WATCHED NEWS SHOW. WATCH THIS BLESSING FROM NBC AND QUAKE IN THE KNOWLEDGE THAT PEOPLE SMARTER THAN YOURSELF ARE TALKING ABOUT THE IMPORTANT ISSUES OF THE DAY".

Goodbye, Tim Russert. You're a dinosaur.


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