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Monday, May 16, 2005

A tear

James Lileks has a nerd-alert Bleat today about a fond subject to many of us; Star Trek. Well, of course Lileks has to weigh in on the final episode and the meaning of it all. He wouldn't be the Lileks we know if he did not.
I'm an Original Series snob, so most of what James has to say was meaningless to me. But, hey, I've got no problem with people who opt to be a bigger geek than I am. More power to them. They make me look more reasonable.

Still, I can see why James feels so emotionally attached to the whole ST universe, as he writes this eyebrow-raising vignette;

[The Enterprise] was the archetype; that was what Icarus had in mind. And that was what hung in the Smithsonian that day they opened the Star Trek exhibit. All the cast showed up, except for Bones. I met them all: press tour. On the way out I found myself standing next to James Doohan under the big model of the Enterprise, floating above in the hall. I walked up next to Scotty. We looked up.

"Ah, she's a beautiful thing, isn't it?" he said.

That she was.

Not that such a fantasy-cum-reality necessarily brainwashed James into liking the entire universe of ST. But I can see how it might whet his appetite.



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