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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Great outdoor baseball

A strict literalist would take exception with my post title immediately upon learning that I am talking about the St. Paul Saints. It was outdoor baseball. It was beautiful weather on a late June evening. Sold out attendance, and boy-o do people have fun celebrating baseball and good times!
But was is great outdoor baseball?


We lost.

It was an exciting game. The Saints threatened to steal it from the Winnipeg Goldeyes and couldn't quite do it, though they got the tying run on base in the ninth. The game was played competently. There was an error I didn't witness. Guess I was getting a Summit Pale Ale at the time. The great players of today are found in a corrupt, bullying club called Major League Baseball. These boys in the Northern League play their hearts out. It's exciting fun. Occasionally it is remarkable baseball. (Hey, isn't that enough to ask for? - ed.) And I was in love with humanity while I was heading to the stadium, while I was in the stadium with all the people and going home from the game as well. In love with humanity.
Being a loner, I spend some time at events like this simply observing human behavior. Much of what goes on at a baseball stadium is performance on the field. But there's quite a bit of performance going on in the stands, too. Especially, I would argue, at a Saints game, Mike Veeck being a masterful impresario of baseball stunts and, for lack of a better term, performance theater.

Meanwhile, the Minnesota Twins are struggling in their division. And Minnesotans who don't want to foot the bill for a new stadium for them can be glad for that. Whenever the Twins do well, the sheeple of Minnesota sucker for the StarTribune meme that the Twins are good for the state and we should cough up and agree to a higher tax to pay for a new stadium.

This approach doesn't seem to be working very well, as the Twins are not excelling and excellence is what the MLB is all about. Major league baseball is very sick and it will not be well until it is retooled.

Summers in Minnesota are short. Fun is Good.


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