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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Insufficient apology

When I strapped on my sport radio at the top of the Hugh Hewitt Show today, I heard Hugh introducing the Senator Durbin "apology" of today on the Senate floor, formally delivered to that body. I heard tears and a voice choked with emotion and I heard the phrase, "I apologize". I thought that was an apology. I thought that was what was needed and that it would mend the damage that had been done.
But I was wrong, and I agree with Hugh, who'd commented a bit later on in the program that the more he hears the tape, the less satisfied he is with it as an apology. Listening closely to the tape in its entirety a bit later still, I must say that Hugh is, as is often the case, absolutely right about this.

RadioBlogger has the transcript.

As Hugh pointed out on his program, an apology, properly mounted, should apologize with the same magnitude of the infraction it addresses. And Durbin's apology does not do this. No mention was made by Durbin that his statement should be retracted. He did not apologize for putting our troops into further danger and harm due to his reckless comments being broadcast around the world through our enemies voicepieces. He did not apologize directly to the matter of his words; only to being sorry for offending those who'd found it offensive. (Unbelievable!) And he further left a strong piece of hope for America's enemies that if they stay tuned to his future statements, they may be able to find more anti-American words he will spew in the future.

...I promise you that I will continue to speak out on the issues that I think are important to the people of Illinois, and to the nation.

This looks like a phony apology and then, even defiance...all covered up with liberal anti-military sobbing and tears. Shameful.

If you haven't already read Newt Gingrich's comments at the above RadioBlogger link, it's worth doing so. Durbin should be forced to resign his leadership post in the Senate and the Senate should pass a statement renouncing this sort of language coming from Durbin.

I think it's just possible that Senator Dick Durbin has felt for some time that Ann Coulter needed some ammunition to make her case that liberals are guilty of treason. With the lack of any Democrats stepping forward to strongly denounce Durbin's outrageous libels, Coulter is looking all too accurate.


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