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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Now that I've got your attention

Welcome Fraters Libertas readers! Most of you know pretty much what to expect from a visit to pinkmonkeybird. And sometimes, I hope the question would arise in your brain; "So, what's the point?"
The point, my dear friend, is that the blogosphere is a new medium and pinkmonkeybird cops one thin sliver of it. I'm a MN blue-turned-red. Before the war, I had thought I might be a Libertarian . But war will bring out qualities and perspective that were unknown before. War is a very primal urge and it triggers responses from deep within us. These are very fundamental qualities and they may bring a very fundamental perspective.

Hearing of the jumbo jets slamming into the World Trade Center towers over the radio brought me to a very specific place. That was a place where I realized that some people hate America and express their hatred with terrible effect. I realized that America was a place that had been criticized verbally and in writing many, many times, but this new act was criticism leveled on an unspeakable scale.

I noticed that in an instant, I had seen a flash image of what had transpired on those planes, but it was too horrible to examine. And so I rushed onward to forget that image and see the next one instead. That was the image of the rubble ensued and the job ahead to clean it up. We've seen the second image many, many times on television and it the newsprint. But what about that fleeting image I refused to watch? What was that?

It was a horrible image and I scarcely want to describe it, for it's meeting will bring a dread into my heart that I am often trying to deny. Call it what you will, it's a dread that hasn't any usefulness. Yet, it's very potent and real within me. And even more frightening, a force that finds expression in reality and not just in the imagination.

On flight 175 there was a young woman named Amy N. Jarrett. She died aboard the plane along with 59 passangers, 9 crew members and 5 Islamic fundementalist jihadists. The jet took off from Boston, Massechusetts and was bound for LAX.
Amy N. Jarrett was murdered by this man at 195,000 ft altitute. We don't know the details, but Amy was murdered and her killer had her blood on his hands, possibly literally.
In the first moments of the hijacking of Flight 175 each of the 5 jihadists used a rudimentary weapon to kill someone. It didn't matter who. Just kill them. Five jihadists, five victims. This was the most effective method of capturing the passanger's attention and establishing control over the infidels; fear.
Quickly, the flight cabin was surrendered. More would be killed if the cabin weren't surrendered immediately. Once the flight cabin was surrendered, the door opened and the jihadists admitted, the pilots were immediately slain with box cutters.
God is great.
Amy N. Jarrett died that day onboard flight 175, Her jugular vein may have been severed by a box cutter. Or she may have been incinerated in the incredible explosion that happens when a Boeing 767 collides with a skyscraper built in the 1960s.
Do you want to see Amy's dead body? Sorry, I don't have it. Nor would I show it. The image is unspeakable.
Amy died on what should have been a routine day. But far from routine, it was her last day. Instead of being delivered to Los Angeles in a routine fashion, Amy was smashed into a thousand atoms by Islamic jihadists who had it out for Americans no matter what their stripes.

Amy is being forgotten. She is expendable in the Global War On Terrorism. Amy was a woman who lived like many other Americans. And her life and death mean nothing in the current climate on the left. America's critics are trying to take advantage of our very human reluctance to remember Amy Jarrett and how she died and see our response to it as inappropriate and criminal.
We must stay the course and defeat this evil that murdered Amy.


  • At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe that there are many moderate Democrats like Randy Kelly in St. Paul, who love their country. The reality is that these moderate Democrats are being pushed out of their party. Many of them are becoming Republicans.

  • At 11:36 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    "...moderate Democrats are being pushed out of their party. Many of them are becoming Republicans."

    There's W's mandate.

    And there are some Democrats who mean well, but they're just confused and wrong and perhaps still patriotic. But the DFL is inhabited by many folks who should more rightly be called socialists. A Socialist is, by definition, unpatriotic. They are internationalists. Notice how AI and now Senator Durbin are coordinating their attacks. The idea is to repeat the meme so many times, people begin to believe it.

    Another thought; if the Republicans are gaining former Democrats, doesn't that do little else but help them shoot themselves? Don't we have enough John "Muttley" McCains in the party already?

  • At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I prefer team players. There are many moderates who are team players. Unfortunately, McCain is not a team player.

  • At 6:14 PM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Agreed. But I like Zell Miller and Randy Kelly sticking with their party and embarrassing their constituents with their support of this Republican president.

  • At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good point,

    I'll see you at the SD60 picnic.

  • At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I didn’t put my name in. See you tomorrow.


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