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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Picnic digestion and roofing

The picnic was a success. We'll have to wait through the normal digestion period for potato salad before we learn if anybody dies from my cooking. The always polite people at these gatherings can't be counted of for honest criticism of my potato salad. For one thing, they know it's my mother's recipe. What are they going to say? That the potato salad sucked and I should tell my mother to let her recipes die with her?
I liked my potato salad. Everyone else said my potato salad was good. I guess I just have to do my best to remain humble and accept this praise.
"But pinkmonkeybird, you ask, did it all go? Did you have to carry an empty pot home?"

Ah, no. About half of my potato salad went. And there was so much other good food left over, I was not dishonored. Shirley's barbequed ribs all went. They were to die for. So tender, the sweet flesh of slow-cooked pork ribs melts in one's mouth. When we left, wild racoons were gnawing on the empty tin pan and licking up the juices.

We met a candidate for office. Mike Hohmann is running as an Independent candidate for 13th Ward City Council. An author of a recently published book, Dan Cohen, Anonymous Source, was there. Some basic grassroots level organizers and leaders and potato salad cooks were there.

That reminds me, one Saturday a few weeks ago my doorbell rang. It was a young man who is running for 10th Ward City Council. He's a declared Democrat who was not intimidated by my Bush/Cheney shirt I was wearing at the time. He explained that while he's not a Republican, he pledges to fight property tax increases, no new stadium taxes, lobby the state and fed for aid to the City of Minneapolis, a Guiliani style crack down on minor and major crime.

His name, if you can believe it, is Harry Savage. His slogan is "Run with the Harry Savage." Ya gotta admit, a slogan like that's got balls. Harry ones. Sorry. That was an unfortunate thing for me to point out. In any case, no, I did not offer Harry Savage any potato salad.

You're probably wondering when I'm getting around to the roofing part of this post. I needed somebody to roof my house. Naturally, the two roofers who advertise on the Patriot 1280am should be invited to submit a bid on the job. John Haley #1 Roofer got the job. There is another roofer who advertises on The Patriot, but he was busy and didn't get round to suggesting a day he'd come over until the job had already been awarded to John Haley. John came over and saw me on the very first day I called him.

I also invited Sela Roofing to submit a bid. Their bid was professionally done and I appreciated it, but their bid involved some custom metal roof casting. Those things are heavy and rigid. If there were any shifting of my building in the soft, rainsoaked earth, I wonder if that cast might not move from its moorings and allow water in at an edge.

So that left John Haley getting my job. And they've been working hard. They're out there right now, reporting an hour or so later for work this Sunday morning just after going to mass, I assume. Some days there's a crew of 10 carrying lumber. But usually there's a crew of two or three, using their nail guns. The whole house will shake sometimes when I imagine a bundle of shingles is dropped onto the deck. The weather has been very agreeable for this crew. No rain, the days are sunny and hot, but not so hot as August will be. As a man who has done a small bit of roofing himself, I can most surely say that working on a rooftop is the hottest place in the hemisphere while you're there.

If the blogosphere has a big toe in consumerism, then this blogger prefers to remain positive. I'm spending a pile of ching on this roof. And John Haley #1 Roofer is doing a great job. One aspect I might say a word or two about it financial restitution. John Haley requires in their contract that 1/3 of the total due amount be paid upon signing the contract, 1/3 be paid upon commencement of the work, and 1/3 be paid upon job's completion.
My dad says that the customer should not be obliged to pay one red cent until the whole job is done. Otherwise, the contractor could take my money and fly off to Mexico with my money. I considered that John Haley has invested some money into advertising on The Patriot. Why would he throw that investment away with the irresponsible act of stealing my payment and discrediting his reputation in town for his business? I paid him willingly and the job has been going well and without delay.

In fact, quite the contrary to my father's fears, not only has John Haley not run off to Mexico with my dinero, several hard-working men from Mexico are up there right now reroofing my house.


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