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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Stillwater, minnesota

I'm taking a one day getaway from it all in beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. Stillwater is on the beautiful St. Croix River bordering the State of Wisconsin. God is most definitely looking out for me today, as no one could have asked for a my gorgeous day. Mid-70s in temps, slight breeze, partly cloudy skies. Tons of other folk had the same idea as me as Stillwater was bustling today. Many, many craft on the water and many, many cars, trucks and hogs on the roads.
Anyone who's been to Stillwater on a summer's day knows that it is a haven for motorcyclists. The air rumbles with popping pistons and the smell of gasoline wafts into your nostrils.
Many of these motorcyclists are smokers. The waterfront bars are heavy with tobacco smoke; a welcomed haven for refugies from Hennepin County some 20 miles to the west.

It occurs to me; should we ban motorcyles from cityscapes? After all, they're polluting our ears with their unnecessary noise, not to mention the carbon monoxide exhaust.

The answer is no. Second hand smoke is unhealthy and is hazardous to others in public bars and cafes who have the right to enjoy these spaces without risk. Motorcycles are loud and obnoxious at times, yes. But they provide a system of transportation for members of our society. They serve a useful purpose. When a chopper passes on down the street they noise travels with them. If the noise from a chopper is too much for my ears, I can always cover them with the palm of my hand and stop it.

Besides, I dig biker chicks.


  • At 8:35 AM, Blogger Ed said…

    Picture this: the end of a charity ride benefiting American Cancer Society, in their parking lot, a few dozen bikers all looking a bit sheepish, cigarettes cupped in their hands, held down and out of the way when they're not actually being inhaled, everybody with a bit of a smoking-in-the-boy's-room thing going on.

  • At 1:09 PM, Blogger Unknown said…

    Actually, Ed, I've been kicking around the idea of a Healthy Harley Ride. I've got a couple of local bar owners who say its a great idea and want to participate.

    Once again, The Bird has the Word on secondhand smoke. Nice post, Scott.

    Bob Moffitt
    American Lung Association of MN


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