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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

GOP leadership seminar

I attended a GOP leadership seminar yesterday evening in St. Paul. There were about 30 other leaders in attendance. It was lead by Deputy Chair Eric Hoplin, and another sharp fellow named Bill, whose last name escapes me, I'm sorry to say. Leslie Wilcox also lent a hand.
I must say these three conducted a very effective seminar. I wasn't familiar with Hoplin's face and I'd thought he must have been a professional motivational speaker when I first arrived.
The meeting began with everyone being encouraged to introduce themselves and their BPOU and a word or two about what they like about being a Republican. Someone said they like the celebration parties. Someone said they like to argue politics. When the spotlight fell on me I decided to be a wise ass;
"Hi. I'm Scott Brooks, vice chair of SD60. I'm involved in the party because of the women." (laughter) "Republican chicks dig me." (wild, frenzied guffaws)
Eric commented that some folks present really liked my answer. I couldn't wipe my self-congratulatory smirk off my face for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, I'm sure there is at least one woman from that room who now thinks I'm creepy. To her, I sincerely apologize. Also, what are you doing this Saturday evening? Email me, babe.

The seminar somehow recovered from my joke making and proceeded with business. They were doing a very thorough job of brass tacks leadership fundamentals, tactics, concepts of politiking when a familiar face appeared at the door and confidently walked into the room; Governor Tim Pawlenty. The governor explained that he was in the neighborhood (we were on Capital Hill) and learned we were there and wanted to take some of our time to talk with us.
I must say that the governor looked very youthful and fit. (Would you believe I conducted a Search in Fraters Libertas for "Pawlenty youthful fit" and came up empty? What is up with that?) I never noticed his hair until yesterday. Remember when the governor looked kind of like a high school kid with ears that stuck out and a crew cut? Well that's all a thing of the past. Now he looks like a popular governor who might be presidential material someday. Amazing what a good hair style will do for a politician. I don't know how anyone got elected in the 1970s.

Anyways, should I bore you with the details of the governor's points? No disrespect to the governor is intended by me whatsoever in my saying that. What I mean is to say is simply that the governor has done a very good job of getting his message before the people of the state and he'd pretty much just reiterated those points to us yesterday. For instance, he pointed out that the Democrats had targeted a hit with the state shutdown because they realized they had to do something to dent his high popularity ratings.
I tell ya, it's stuff like this that makes me ashamed I'm involved in politics at all. I think the governor is absolutely right about this, but it's embarrassing to all of us that politiking is brought to such a low level. No wonder I stayed away so long. It's just sleazy.

I'm reminded of what my former BPOU Chair (now Deputy Chair) once told me; Politics is not for idealists. This seminar was useful.


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