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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The man with the screaming brain

Last night I went to the Oak Street Cinema to see this brand new Bruce Campbell movie. I became a fan of Campbell when I saw the Evil Dead trilogy movies. He is an hilarious and unique talent. Somehow, he is able to take a drab, throwaway line like, "So it's all come down to this.", and sound oddly heroic.
Frankly, the only reason I attended the screening, rather than wait for the dvd to come out, was because of Campbell's live appearance. I hadn't expected the movie to be much good. (Gasp!) Let's be realists. Most movies are not much good. Most of the time they fail on enough levels so as to make you wish you'd saved yourself the time and money. But at least I would see Campbell live and that could be cool.
But I was wrong. Shame on me. This movie is good entertainment. It starts off a little slow, yes. But once it takes off it has a nifty charm that made me love it. The key to the success of this movie is that the movie knows what the movie is. Credit Campbell, who directed, with that. It's a low-budget comedy horror and it knows it's a low-budget comedy horror.
It's got laughs, thrills. It's innovative. Let's take innovative. There is a shot that had to be invented on the spot. The movie is shot in Bulgaria, a place with many leftover Communist statues in the public streets. One of these statues was of a group of suffering people and one of the figures is holding his head in weariness. In the movie, the monster, who has many reasons to weary, himself, sits down next to this statue to hold his own head. That simple shot earned a well deserved laugh from the audience and gained quite bit of respect for the talents of the director.

After the movie I caught Campbell across the street at Stub & Herb's bar where he autographed my book.


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