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Friday, September 09, 2005

Dateline nbc

...with Stone Phillips, is on my television set. No surprise to me to see that this show directs its finger most pointedly at the Fed for the failures of Hurricane Katrina. The story I echoed the other day regarding the State level of Homeland Security being denied access to aid the people in the Superdome, is conspicuously absent from NBCs report. I should add here that it has since come to light that the State of Louisiana also denied access to the Salvation Army into the Superdome.
Mayor Nagin is given a complete pass by Phillips when he claims that he did everything he could. Why doesn't Stone Phillips wipe that concerned look off his rigid face and ask Nagin why he did not follow the city's emergency procedure?

Where do these "journalists" get the cajones to misreport these facts and spin the story their preferred way? Where do they get the cajones?

There has to be blowback as these facts come to light. But Rocketman has this sobering information.

President Bush's approval rating is down into Gingrichian territory at 39%, with "strong disapproval" at 40%.

Following up with this piece of advice;

[W]hatever you think of the mechanics of a particular poll, the direction of President Bush's poll numbers is clear. And it seems clear that Hurricane Katrina, and the outrageous attacks that the Democrats have pursued over the past week, have dealt him, and the Republican Party, another blow. I see no evidence that the Democrats are paying a price for their dishonorable tactics. And they won't pay a price, unless the Republicans start defending themselves and attacking the Democrats the way they deserve to be attacked. The "turn the other cheek" approach that the administration has followed for years--don't respond to attacks, no matter how unfair, just try to ride out the news cycle and move on--has resulted in one needless wound after another, and cumulatively they have now damaged President Bush's standing with the public, likely beyond repair.

I have to agree with Rocketman. Defense should be calm and measured, underlining the Constitutional powers of the City and State levels. Attacks should be carefully framed so as not to appear cheap or callous toward the victims. If this is done, I am in the same camp as Hugh Hewitt and Mark Steyn, who agree that over good time the truth will be known to the American people that the local levels of government (the First Responders) set the tone for this disaster, and msm will be further discredited. Granted, Hewitt and Steyn were specifically discussing media, while Rocketman is addressing the Democratic Party.

Is there a difference?


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