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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Had things on my mind

I had some things on my mind that I'd wanted to post about this morning, but they got away from. Maybe I decided that I really didn't have anything original to say, I am not sure just now.
Atomizer of Fraters Libertas & I had a brief conversation at the State Fair about daily posting. Atomizer sometimes goes for a couple of weeks without posting, but he's got Chad the Elder and Brian Ward to pick up his slack. And we agreed that the reason we don't post daily or post four times per day as is the proscribed rate of successful blogging, is that we do not see the need to write when we have little to add to the discussion.
There isn't a dag blamed writer in the world who I can read daily. My life and thoughts are not so amazing or fascinating as to merit writing every day. But when the muse calls me, I have confidence that my words must be uttered. This is in stark contrast to a writer who I admire enough to read often. That would be James Lileks. Lileks recently wrote about how he couldn't think of anything to write that day.
Now, granted, no one is holding a gun to my or anybody's head to read Lileks every day. And that's one reason I don't read him every day. If you put a Glock to my cranium every morning at 5 a.m., you can bet I will change that. I just don't believe that anyone has that fascinating of a life that I must read them daily.
I get into anxious moods sometimes. Often, I feel I don't have time to read anybody thoroughly. I skim a lot of blogs. When I notice that Lileks is listing off his columns he needs to write this week and listing the minutiae of his daily routines, I skim.
Other favorite political and cultural writers of mine are Mark Steyn, John Hinderaker, John Podhoretz, William Kristol, Michelle Malkin. There may be others...oh, yes, Jonah Goldberg.

Who reads Instapundit for the writing? No one. We read Instapundit for the links and "the flow". We read LGF for the attitude and the harsh facts. The Corner is a sort of a special clubhouse in the Instapundit vein.

I read Hugh Hewitt in what amounts to be a very, very powerful combination educator. I've found that if I read Hewitt during the hours before his radio broadcast, when the show occurs I am primed. The information that opens up in this combination resembles a college classroom in its intensity.

But I sense that many of you are beginning to skim this post as you see that it's gaining inches. So I'd better sew things up here. In closing, I must say that this post has allowed me to express some ideas I'd not found a forum for in my usual posts. Perhaps this is a good argument for writing daily.

It brings out notions that might otherwise be lost.


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