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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Marcus aurelius launches new blog

My friend Marcus Aurelius generously provides a link to pinkmonkeybird in his new blog, Clearing The Air.

Top 11 reasons local personalities support the smoking ban....

11) There is so much more room on the floor when I do the YMCA dance at First Av -pinkmonkeybird.

Hey, Marcus....Nihilist In Golfpants made me #1. And you give me #11? That makes you 10 points off. If you're going to follow the Nihilist In Golfpants and KAR template with your Top Eleven Reasons list, you need to move pinkmonkeybird upwards. Seek David Letterman's advice on this matter. He'll vouch for me.

Of further import, the YMCA dance was not invented by David Bowie. My blog is called pinkmonkeybird, not GayConstructionWorkerBlog. As usual, your facts are out of sync.

Good luck with your new blog, Marcus. I'm glad to see you don't give up so easily after having been booted out by The Attic boys.


  • At 9:02 AM, Blogger Unknown said…

    How do you think I feel at number seven? As is his wont, Mark got everything wrong about me, too, from the spelling of my name to my tenure at the American Lung Association of Minnesota.

    I think he's mad that I scooped him (and the rest of the blogosphere!) on the "Devil's Weed" movie.

    I know the Cartoon Captain (Westover) and a couple of his other friends still visit his new digs from time to time.

    At least he is no longer a "fugitive from justice" and can blog in the open.


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