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Monday, September 05, 2005

Married to the mob

Last night I attended the MN Organization of Blogger's bash on Seven Corners in Minneapolis. It was hosted by the Northern Alliance of Blogs. These events are always fun and last night was no exception, except that it was exceptionally fun. It seemed like it was going to be a dud for the first hour or so. But then a bunch of drunks showed up and the gathering kicked into a shameful high gear.

Gigglepundit has a good list of who was there. So does Martin Andrade. Also, Tom Swift of Pair o' Dice made an appearance with his Mrs., but they had to leave early for some kind of slapdown at a biker bar. Don't ever change, Swiftee.

I had some very satisfying conversations with a number of bloggers. Chad the Elder and Larry C. and I discussed the public education system. I met a blogger I'd never heard of before named Andy Keith of CenterFeud. He and DrJonz and IndiJonz of The Attic had our own table and we discussed so many different subjects in politics that I don't remember them all. Andy is an interesting blogger, as he's a self-described liberal, but he's pro-war on Iraq and admires many things about President George W. Bush. Curious about where he differs from conservatives, I charged that he sounded like a right-winger. Andy pointed out that he would probably disagree with right-wingers on the subject of gay marriage rights. That's interesting to me, as I only recently changed my opinion on that subject and am now opposed to same sex marriage. That's right. I was in favor, but now I'm against.
My policy on the pinkmonkeybird MOB blogroll is to add blogs to it only as I either meet them in person, have an exchange with them online, or become a reader of the blog in question. Consequentially, I will be adding CenterFeud as well as a number of other blogs to my blogroll today or very soon.

I also had a long overdue and pleasant chat with Doug of Bogus Gold. When I asked him about what new ideas are churning about in our local blogosphere scene, he told me there is talk of the usefulness for creation of a local blog in the RealClearPolitics vein. It would collect daily all the pertinent and noteworthy editorial pieces in our local msm as well as alternative media. This seems like a very good idea.

I didn't realize until just now how long this post will ultimately be if I recount every good or interesting conversation I had last night at the bash. So I'll have to wind things up.
Some of the most fun conversation I had was with Learned Foot of Kool-Aid Report and Paul and Sisyphus of Nihilist In Golf Pants. I managed to apparently offend Learned Foot in the course of our conversation as he discovered that I don't much read his blog. I admire it, but I am not a regular reader. I didn't even know that V-toed Bill is pronounced "Vetoed Bill" until LF informed me. I had always thought the V was a Roman Numeral and hence, I pronounced it "Five-toed Bill". This makes perfect sense to me, as most feet I know of, learned or otherwise, possess 5 toes. It's hard to argue with that logic, though LF was still appalled. I could tell by his sneer.
LF was highly critical of my SWAG cap with my URL printed on its crown. He is of the opinion that I should create a logo for pinkmonkeybird or merely print just "pinkmonkeybird" on the crown, rather than the entire URL. I countered that the mere logo or mere name would not be recognizable to most people and thus would not educate. LF maintained that this is a false assumption, as people would then be prompted to ask me what pinkmonkeybird is. But I countered that my SWAG must be effective, as here we were, ernestly discussing my blog and my cap. And besides, wouldn't people be just as likely to ask me that question with the full URL on display? LF lamented that he wished he had the last 10 minutes of his life back. But the damage had been done. My SWAG had poisoned his brain and there was no recovering from that. And the damage was done to my brain, as well. For I imagine I will be a more frequent reader of Kool-Aid Report and of Nihilist In Golf Pants from this point forward. I think we bonded, unsavory a prospect as that may be for poor, poor Sisyphus.

Except LF was very intoxicated and prolly has no memory of the exchange whatsoever.

And that's fine. I drank a lot of beer last night, too. It was a blast of a good time.

God Bless you all, MOBsters and NABsters and readers.


  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger Indyjonz said…

    It was a good time wasn't it? The weather couldn't have been nicer and the company was truly grand!


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