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Monday, September 05, 2005

Pets r us

The Corner blog has this somewhat interesting bit of information about New Orleans residents who did not want to vacate their homes because it would mean abandoning their housepets.

The Washington Post wrote about this today:
A potential problem for authorities is people refusing to leave. Some residents say they want to protect their homes. Others fear the hassles of evacuation, particularly if they have pets, which are not allowed on the evacuation buses...
This strikes a chord with me. Pinkmonkeybird readers will know that I am very close to my pet cat Zazu. I am mindful that she is very old and is experiencing kidney failure. If I were ordered to evacuate and leave Zazu behind, I suppose I would do so, as she is 19 years old and doesn't have many days remaining in any case. But what of suffering? Could I leave my home and leave Zazu to meet some horrible end. These are terrible questions and I do not want to ponder them.
But just yesterday on Fox News Sunday, I watched a video clip of a city authority figure shouting at a New Orleans family that they should leave their home as the water was poisoned and it would take many weeks to pump the water away. He was furious that these people would not listen to him and evacuate.

The family pet dog kept barking all through the clip.


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