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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Weary of tragedy

I haven't posted for a while here since Katrina made landfall and wreaked her devastation upon the people and places of the Gulf region and the South.
I'm stunned.
Only now am I coming around to realizing that I can help make a difference by making a donation to help my American brothers and sisters in the ravaged area. My thoughts and prayers go out to the fine folks who live in the affected areas. Please know that the rest of the country will respond and come to your aid, as you would come to ours if need be.

There are many wonderful bloggers who are doing a great job in covering the story and helping the need.

I thank those bloggers for that. And it's important to stay focused and positive upon the need for what must be done.

This disaster is bad. But it's not so bad we can't approach it and work together to make things better.


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