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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A coming fight

Here's a reprint of a post I wrote today in BowieNet's Politics and Religion message board in response to the news that Miers has withdrawn her nomination.

I'm very disappointed in my fellow Republicans for not trusting Ws judgment.
I think Harriet Miers is a fine woman and was treated very unfairly by far too many Republicans.
I don't know if this weakens W further. I suspect it does. I guess we won't know until we see how W tries to fix this.
He's a shrewd politician.

But mostly, I think Republicans shot themselves in the foot by routing Miers out. They did it by engaging in the same foul tactics they grumble the Democrats use. That is, they want to know how she thinks. They don't want knowledge, they want certainty. They politicize the bench where politics and politiking should be absent.
America is ill right now over its Courts. Smooth sailing for Miers would have been the best remedy for the health of the nation. And I think that was Ws aim in his selection of her. Rather than picking a hot-button judge with a baggage-laden past and necessarily provoking the debate to flair hotter, we now have many partisans itching for a fight over the proper Constitutional philosophy of the Judiciary.

Although I must admit, some say it's a fight that should be fought.

I'm afraid Miers' withdrawal might well signal some very nasty politics coming down the pipes.


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