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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Mac problems/pc problems

I am ecstatic that I am now back online.
I'd had a long standing problem with my Mac mouse. I also was in need of additional memory, so I thought. Memory is a funny thing with computers. Computers seem to work for awhile immediately after installing memory. When they fail shortly thereafter, there is difficulty in recognizing the cause. After all, it worked for a while!
So, I'd thought my problem was due to my mouse. When installing a new mouse did nothing to alleviate my problem, I was forced to rethink the series of events. I'd had a helpful conversation with a couple of nice folks at First Tech this afternoon. When he'd mentioned that sometimes they find that memory is the source of such a problem, that planted a seed in my mind.
Could it be that though my Mac worked fine immediately after installing additional memory, that this became a problem and caused an inability to register anything on my monitor?
Could it?
Well, that is exactly how I regained my connectivity with the Internet and brought my monitor to life. I simply removed my memory strip.

Hello world!

Don't even get me started with my pc. I managed to completely foul it up back last spring or so. I messed it up so bad, System Restore and my cd burner were both rendered useless, along with most other functions. So now I am in the position where I must locate any important files I'd saved onto it, transpose the information by hand into written records onto paper, and then blow away my hard drive and reconfigure it. Fortunately, those are bound to be few, as I am not a high-powered computer filer.
The good news is that I will then have a fresh, unpolluted pc as well as my Mac, which will then be networked.

So, there is now an obvious question in my mind. If I remove another memory strip (hopefully of smaller size), and then reinstall this memory strip that caused my recent problem, will I gain additional memory?
I suppose I should delay that issue, as 256 MBs is what I now have and that is plenty for the small tasks I delegate to this Mac.


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