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Sunday, October 30, 2005

My progress

On September 22nd, a jogger zigged suddenly in front of my bicycle causing me to crash and break my left elbow.
I've had two surgical procedures in an attempt to repair my shattered bones. My arm is still in a splint, wrapped in bandages. The pain-killing medicant, percacet, is all gone and I am now gobbling Extra Strength Tylenol like Skittles the day after Halloween (or, as the old timers call it, All Hallows Eve). So, I'm constantly coping with low-level pain. It always hurts. The only thing I can do about it is try and think of other things.
I have a post-operative appointment with my surgeon's assistant on Tuesday. It is my prayer that this exam will show evidence that my latest operation was a stunning success and I may then proceed with standard physical therapy and get my life back. I do not even want to contemplate any other scenario, so I won't go there. This will be my second post-operative examination. At the first one, my stupid arm was wobbling like a door swinging on a loose hinge. That discovery led to my second operation and what probably amounts to a month of delay in the healing process. So, I think it's clear we want an excellent prognosis for old Scottyboy this time.
Once again, I thank my readers and those who know me, for your well wishes and expressed concerns. I am still clinging to the belief that that which does not kill us makes us stronger. This experience has deepened my gratitude for a healthy life and my profound respect for those creatures who have to cope with matters more serious than a broken arm. Of those creatures (I say "creatures" partly because it's Halloween season, and also because I am an animal lover), I say they are a great inspiration.


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