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Friday, November 18, 2005

Entirely predicted

The war in Iraq is in crisis today as the Democrats and their propaganda arm of msm continue the drumbeat of quagmire and immediate pullout. It's an important crossroads in the defense of this country. It's important for Americans to notify their representatives and let them know that we must stand firm with the president. A good piece of advice to find motivation to take action on this issue is to get angry about it. After all, if we don't get mad, it would be very easy to be complacent over it.


But it's not so easy to get angry about this when we realize that this day has always been inevitable. Because of the nature of this enemy, it's been postulated all along that it becomes more and more difficult to remain vigilant in offense as time wears on. There are no terrorist attacks occurring on American soil. The landscape of the mainstream media is a daily report of the deaths of our troops and very little reporting of gains in Iraq. So a mindset grows larger and larger that we could pull out our troops and put an end to the bloodshed.

And this brings me back to writing in my blog about this issue. This blog is a little blog with light traffic, but nevertheless, I began writing it because I realized that this war has an all important home front. Unlike 1972 when we lost the war in Vietnam on the home front by succumbing to msm distortions, the blogosphere and Internet information flow have created an entirely new rubric in the democratic process.
Yes, this juncture was entirely predicted. We knew that the Democrats would call for cutting and running. We knew that the 6 o'clock News would portray the war in Iraq as meaningless bloodletting. We knew that msm polls would one day show the war to be unpopular.

We knew this juncture would arrive one day. And now we need to remember that the notion made us angry back in 2003 and the time is now to get angry and to launch into action. Let your congressmen know you are angry and that we must stand with the Iraqi people. Our brave men & women in uniform are fighting this war on the battlefront. It's up to us civilians to fight this war on the homefront.


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