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Monday, November 14, 2005

W's hits

The president's approval and popularity ratings, as the msm have gleefully pointed out to everybody lately, are way down. Yesterday's Sunday morning political talk shows were pounding home these figures. Supporters of President Bush are wringing their hands over this to some degree, some more than others. The contributors to these low ratings are several; Katrina, the Miers nomination, gas prices. But the most visible current issue and certainly the most important one, is the war in Iraq and how America went to that war.
W is fighting back now. Who knows if the president will ever get his approval ratings back up to the highs he once enjoyed? But it is clear that he must do something to keep them from getting worse. He must defend his honor for his own sake, but more importantly, for the sake of the nation and the morale of our military.
Some Bush supporters think that this fight is long overdue, and perhaps they're right. But it smells to me like a Rovian ploy. I think it's quite possible that Karl Rove knows full well that the president's approval and popularity ratings are impossible to keep at high levels. They must come down. If that's true, then wouldn't it be better to allow them to come down at a point in his term when it really doesn't much matter? That time is now. So what if people want to grouse about the president's leadership? There's no election this year for national offices. Let them grouse. Republicans have a good window of a year to improve matters.
Karl Rove knows that Americans have a short attention span. He knows that it's human nature to grow tired of the same old face in the White House and turn to blaming. And I have a hunch he also knows that if you give the Moveon*dot*org people and their paid politicians enough rope, they are quite likely to hang themselves. The left wing of the Democrat Party is too emotional and too consumed with hatred to think things through clearly. They grow encouraged when they see their daily attacks gaining results in the president's popularity. This is the moment they've been dreaming of since November 3rd, 2004. Finally, so they think, things are going their way. So they pour it on even more until they very much begin to resemble the traitors that Ann Coulter has been talking about for the past several years.

Is this a rosy analysis? I don't know. Maybe it is. But as presidential counselor Dan Bartlett said today on the Laura Ingraham Show, the president has the truth on his side.


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