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Sunday, January 22, 2006


NBCs Meet The Press is attempting to groom Barack Obama for the upcoming political battles of 2006 and 2008. In an exclusive interview with Mr. Obama, Tim Russert showed him video clips of Harry Belafonte's controversial comments in Venezuela. Russert asked Obama if he thought those comments were appropriate.

I would have to ask why Harry Belafonte's comments have any bearing in this interview. Belafonte is a former actor and singer. He's not a politician or an elected official. Harry Belafonte has already received far more publicity than he deserves. He should be ignored. But NBC finds him useful for grooming Obama.

Amazinging, Obama actually tried to find a way to agree with Belafonte without doing so directly. He pointed out that Americans are at liberty to say what they want to without recrimination. He said that while he wouldn't characterize the Bush Administration in the same words that Belafonte did, he can understand why he would be critical.

Obama is a rightwinger! He does not agree that George Bush is "the world's greatest terrorist." Surely, NBCs opinion shapers are grooming Obama for a more centrist position in light of the evidence that Democrat leftist positions do not win elections.


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