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Sunday, January 15, 2006

"Hang rummy show"

L. Paul Bremer, III has a new book; My Year in Iraq: The Struggle to Build a Future of Hope. Mr. Bremer (why is he sometimes called "Jerry"?) was ambassador to Iraq in the aftermath of Saddam's removal. I've seen Mr. Bremer in interview over this book on The Charlie Rose Show. And I also heard him interviewed on The Michael Medved Show. Now this morning, Bremer is interviewed by Tim Russert on Meet The Press.
It's noteworthy that Rose and Russert were both aggressive in trying to get Bremer to say that Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld ignored needs for more troops on the ground at that time. And I mean aggressive. Russert even went so far as to ask Bremer if the Bush Administration told him to say that we did not need more troops. At two separate points, Bremer responded to Russert that "you can have any interpretation you want...I'm telling you how I saw it."

Michael Medved had a couple of hardball questions for Mr. Bremer, too. After all, even President Bush's supporters in the war have been critical of the troop levels in Iraq. Most notable among them is William Kristol.
But it was obvious to me that Russert and Rose were out to hang Rummy.

And there's not much that's very surprising about that, is there?


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