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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Joel stein pile on

As is my habit these days, I listened to the Hugh Hewitt Show this evening and when I tuned in, Hugh was conducting this interview.
And by coincidence, I'd heard Dennis Prager talking about Stein's piece earlier this afternoon while I was getting my workout at the gym. So I found it interesting that while Prager had been praising Stein for his forthright honesty in proclaiming that he opposes the war and therefore does not support the troops, Hugh had little time for any praise. Prager disagrees with Stein's opposition to the war, but he agrees that one cannot oppose the war and claim to support the troops.
Hugh was not interested in that facet of the Stein piece. Hugh was more interested in the blatant disrespect and ignorance of our men and women in uniform and so he was lucky enough to get Stein to do an on-the-air interview.

Hugh is absolutely right, of course. And Stein couldn't be more wrong...except for that part about how an anti-war proponent can't claim to support the troops. But I must say in all honesty that this interview was ugly. Hugh just absolutely destroyed Stein. Another blogger called it an evisceration. It was so embarrassing to listen to that when Hugh reran the taped interview later in the show, I turned the radio off even though I hadn't heard all of it. I couldn't bear to witness a guy getting such a thorough drubbing as was administered to Stein. It was like watching a Praying Mantis devour a hummingbird. That's a good analogy by half, at least, as Hugh is a praying Evangelical Christian. But I'm not so sure Stein's ideas are so harmless or sweet as the hummingbird.

Our armed forces and the brave and wonderful men and women who act to defend the United States are to be honored and supported. Stein has tried to trash them. Maybe I should have enjoyed Stein's humiliating defeat, but I just didn't have the stomach for it. But hey, even Praying Mantises have to eat.

UPDATE: Joel Stein calls himself a humorist. So does Lileks. Scroll down.


  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger Malott said…

    I appreciate Stein's comments because I believe he is being more honest than most Dems and others on the Left. They believe the troops are as guilty as the president and that's why they feel justified in undermining the war effort and encouraging the enemy.

    You've probably heard, they loathe the military.

  • At 9:40 PM, Blogger R-Five said…

    I had the same reaction; it was painful enough the first time.

    At first I couldn't see where Hugh was going, and for sure, Stein didn't either until it was too late. But "pot" Stein appeared briefly on Oprah call "kettle" James Frey black.


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