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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Chili dinner part 2

There were a few other things I wanted to say about last night's Chili Dinner for SD63. Congressman Mark Kennedy is running for US Senate. He knew this event would have some heft and he'd made an impromptu appearance along with his lovely wife, Debbie Kennedy. I may have tunnel vision, but from where I sit, it appears Kennedy will be our next United States Senator. And if I'm right, that's great news because we need to replace the dim bulb who occupies that seat today with a certifiable conservative hawkish Republican of Kennedy's caliber. The math is not difficult to do. A more conservative Senate will translate into a more assured opportunity to appoint a more constitutionally conservative Supreme Court Justice, should yet another seat vacate in the next three years.
Debbie Kennedy made the rounds last night and spent a few minutes at my table just saying hi and politely asking about our blogs. And at the podium, Mark Kennedy made the affirmative statements we've come to expect he'll make. No stirring up the pot is necessary. He merely did what is required and let us know that he supports the president's stand on Iraq and the GWOT. If we wanted spice, there were a few chili pots that provided that.

I also met a friendly woman with a familiar face. I said hello and struggled to remember how I knew her. Her name is Donna, and she reminded me that she's served as a poling place election judge with me in my precinct on a few occasions. Ha! And to think, I'd always thought I was the only Republican serving there since I began serving as a judge in November of 2004.

Colonel Joe Repya was there, too... back temporarily from Iraq. He gave a stirring speech of how the war in Mesopotamia is going like nothing we may be reading in the msm. Of course, we bloggers and blog readers already suspect that's true. But there is quite a bit to be said for a man like Col. Repya telling us it's so in a church basement. Mr. Repya's account of the war was the perfect compliment to the speeches that the three bloggers delivered.

An inspiring evening. I enjoyed the local political candidates from SD63, as well. But I lost my ride home and had to cut out to catch my bus before they were finished.

More here in the coming week on my background and my thoughts of blogging pinkmonkeybird style.


  • At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think you are correct.

    Kennedy will be a great Senator!


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