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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Final words on chili dinner and beyond

Triple A has a rather in depth reflection on the SD63 Chili Dinner. (Be sure to open Rob's link to photos of the event. If you look closely, you'll spot yours truly dressed in fashionable plaid and a shiny head. Last picture, bottom right.) Apparently he took notes, as he remembered a lot more than I did about Congressman Kennedy's speech. I should also point out an observation of Mr. Kennedy I heard tonight from my own BPOU meeting; He's charismatic and projects a sense of accessibility to people.
I think this is true. I've noticed that Mark Kennedy is a respectful listener.

So, reinforcing my post from yesterday, I think Mark Kennedy will be our next Minnesota US Senator. But it won't happen unless activists are willing to work for his campaign. I signed up tonight, as one of his managers attended our meeting in SD60 this evening. I've also accepted the job of SD60 volunteer coordinator. This is a natural position for me, as I got my feet wet as a GOP volunteer in '04 working to reelect the president. So I know what the job entails and I'm really excited about the challenge of turning out Republican votes in the Uptown neighborhood. And believe you, me....that is a challenge.


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