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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Going local

As I mentioned recently, I'm rethinking the emphasis of this blog and attempting to focus essentially on local politics, leaving the national and international stuff to the big boys. That's not exactly easy for me. It was the war in Iraq and an embattled President Bush that got me interested in politics again in the first place. It was W's reelection bid that got me motivated to begin writing a blog at all. It was Hugh Hewitt's national radio show that stoked my fire. I subscribed to The Weekly Standard to get my hard facts and deeper understanding. While the Northern Alliance Radio Network addresses local issues at times, it was the national and international scenes that grabbed me.
Quite honestly, I don't know very much about local politics. Often, when I see a story on local issues, I'll skip it or just skim the first few paragraphs and then move on unless something in there grabs me. It scarcely does.
I have sometimes wondered why this is. At one of my local BPOU picnics I was having a conversation with Ezra Ebner about this and I speculated that maybe at least part of the reason is because Minneapolis is too often monochromatic. For example, the Republicans did not even offer a candidate for the recent election for the office of mayor of the city. Every time a story came out on the mayoral race in the Minneapolis StarTribune, I was offered a perspective on two socialist-progressive candidates written by a socialist-progressive newspaper. Naturally, knowing little of the local issues, there was little or no spark in there to gain insight on how things might be otherwise. And if voters can't wonder how things might be otherwise, a bland diet of gruel is all that is tasted.
I've often heard local conservatives grumble that all too often our local Republican candidates and officers don't know how to behave and perform like Republicans. They want too much to be "liked" by the Democrats, so they act like Democrats. Minneapolis is essentially a one-party town and that party is the DFL.

Well, I believe that can and should change. When a single political party dominates a sphere there is little or no choice. Vitality diminishes and complacency sets in. Good governance suffers in the absence of good challenges.

So, I will be mixing up my personal intake of media exposure. This morning in just a few minutes I'll be listening to The Patriot Insider on radio. I'll be paying more frequent visits to Kennedy vs The Machine blog, Residual Forces blog, The First Ring blog, MN Democrats Exposed blog, local DFL online forums. There are many other excellent local blogs within the Minnesota Organization of Blogs, such as Rambix and the Red Star. Bogus Gold blog is one of the most crucial of the local blogs. There are too many good blogs for me to mention here, so I'll undoubtedly neglect to list them all. SD63 blog is an excellent blog and might be considered a sister blog if Jerry doesn't mind being a sister to somebody named pinkmonkeybird. (Oh my God, what have I done? ) I'll try to pay more attention to local stories in the Strib and I expect I'll attempt to gain an insight toward the way they view the issues and how they report on other words I'll be looking for accuracy and bias. I'm already a fairly regular viewer of At Issue with Tom Hauser on KSTP television. I'll continue to watch that program.

The State of Minnesota is blessed to have the Northern Alliance of Blogs located right here and writing about both national and local issues. I'll continue to use all of them, but I'll have to wean myself off of lingering on Power Line and Hugh Hewitt so much with their incisive national and international opinion and reportage and try to make more time for the many local stories that will be most assuredly written of the local.

I'll be gaining an education and using this blog to discover what I've learned. Writing serves that purpose for me. It's not just a way of letting others know what I know. It's a way for me to discover what I think.


  • At 1:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for the SD63 plug. I think that Jerry has done a great job following local politics. It’s nice to see a community of conservative bloggers linking to each other. Maybe someday, with your help, we will see resurgence of GOP in Minneapolis.

  • At 8:22 AM, Blogger pinkmonkeybird said…

    Of course, one of the most important elements of learning the local political scene is and will be my encounters with real people who are involved.
    Thanks for your ideas, Rob.

  • At 6:51 AM, Blogger Rambix said…

    Nice post - very well said. It's people like you who will make a difference, and we'll need it this year. Think of a niche you can fill and concentrate on that. I know that I can comment on national issues, but there are so many that do it better, why bother? We need more counter-weight to the Red Star, and your contributions on the local level will be very useful.


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