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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Shame on the dfl

The DFL Party website has this news release;

DFL CHAIR CALLS FOR MISLEADING AD TO BE TAKEN OFF THE AIR ST. PAUL (2/16/06) Today, DFL Chair Brian Melendez called on all Minnesota TV stations to follow the lead of KSTP TV and pull the "Midwest Heroes" ad off the air. He was joined at a press conference at the State Capitol by Congressional candidate and veteran Tim Walz.

The ad states that the media only reports negative stories, a comment that is patently untrue. As reported on WCCO's "Reality Check", 4 out of 10 news stories are positive and the majority of Sunday political news show commentators are conservative.

The ad then states that the enemy in Iraq are the same terrorists responsible for 9/11, and images of Saddam Hussein are shown along with the Twin Towers. This tactic is misleading at best, as the 9/11 Commission Report states that there is no connection between Iraq and the 9/11 terrorist attack.

"Minnesota has the chance to take a stand against this kind of misleading propaganda," said DFL Chair Brian Melendez. "Right now, our state is a testing ground for this particular ad, and we can be sure that many more will follow this election season. Minnesota TV stations should pull this ad and send the message that we will not tolerate this kind of swiftboating anymore."

"WCCO has called this ad "misleading" and only "partly true," said Chair Melendez. "Well, partly false advertising insults Minnesotans intelligence. We won't stand for propaganda that can't be backed up with fact."

This is a shameful position for the DFL to hold. This ad is not misleading. Al Qaeda is not only in Iraq fighting against our brave men & women in uniform, the organization that is our enemy is actually named "Al Qaeda In Iraq". The ad does not say that Saddam and Saddam's Iraq were responsible for the 9/11 attacks on America. It only states that we face the same enemy today in Iraq that attacked us.

If I'm not mistaken, the quotes of Melendez calling the soldiers of "Midwest Heroes" as "un-American" has been removed from the DFL website. I believe the quote had previously been located in the above DFL news release. If the DFL and Melendez want to retract their previous characterization of the "Midwest Heroes" as un-American, that's great. But they don't seem to address the issue. Rather, they merely wipe it off and pretend such words were never uttered. I think that's cowardly and disingenuous.

Shame on KSTP-TV for pulling the "Midwest Heroes" ad. It is the height of arrogance for KSTP to squelch this terrific ad. The bias of the msm is the reason blogs and right-wing radio are doing so well in this current climate of msm spin and insulation from balanced reporting.

Once again, Power Line has more.


  • At 11:16 PM, Blogger Leo Pusateri said…

    Cockroaches always complain when the light of truth is shone upon them.

    The "fifth column" is alive and well, and has become the prominent face of the DFL.


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