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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Uptown mood

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to the murder story in my Uptown neighborhood. Other blogs and the msm seem to be bring out quite a bit of information.
Tonight I had to work late. Rather than getting off my bus at the usual stop, I got off one stop early so I could walk through the crime scene. Right away I noticed a FOX-9 television cameraman on the corner of 31st & Hennepin, rolling tape. Then I walked down to Girard and the FOX-9 van was parked on the corner, its antenna raised.
I looked for but did not yet find a marker such as a cross or flowers. But there are posters everywhere announcing a candlelight vigil that will be taking place this coming Saturday, March 25th for the memory of Michael Zebuhr. It will be at 8 pm in front of 3116 Girard Ave., South.

The poster says, "Anyone is welcome."

For interesting details not found in the msm, click on Rambix & Red Star in my blogroll to the right.


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