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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I win "most eligible bachelor"

After much drama and suspense and a nose-to-nose race, I have been voted the MOB's Most Eligible Bachelor. I accept this honor with great reverence and seriousness and sobriety immediately after the ginormous bender I am launching tonight. Nihilist In Golf Pants points out:

This is indeed an upset victory as PMB actually conceded the decision to Andy early last week.

I tried to help AAA garner as many votes as he could. I felt that it was the only honorable thing to do in a contest between gentlemen. Heck, I even voted for AAA, but I won't tell you how often. It is my solemn belief that this honor will lead to meeting someone special, devotion and love will follow, culminating in my lifelong enslavement to a woman who knows that if she works me hard enough, I can one day be worthy of her.

I imagine one of the first things she'll command is that I drop my effeminate blogger name. Consider it done.


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