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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Lesson learned

Lent is over, Easter is past, and I am now "allowed" to return to The Patriot am1280. But I've found that I am in no hurry to hear the steady stream of annoying advertisements there that come with the programming. And I find that I'm in no hurry to hear The Hugh Hewitt Show itself, ads notwithstanding. Hugh is a great fellow and a very intelligent pol, but I am annoyed by just about anybody who talks as much as his job requires him to talk. And to be fair, that's probably not just Hugh who annoys me. The same goes for Katherine Van Den Heuvel. And in my book, Hugh talks infinitely more common sense than she.
Oh, I suppose there are some speakers who I could listen to all day and not become grouchy. That's a rare gift, though. And all too few with this gift have a radio show that requires them to speak almost continuously for hours per day. Rush Limbaugh? No, I don't think so. James Lileks has a voice like apple butter. I rarely grow tired of his Diner podcasts. And they're ad free.

But I do believe I was better informed of the day to day political landscape and world events when I was listening to Hugh than I now am. Unfortunately, I am happier. I'll tune in sometimes. But not so heavily as I was before Lent
I'm going to be listening to NARN today for the first time since before Lent. But I just don't have it in me to listen to the whole block of Patriot Insider through to the finish of NARN. I'd just rather have the blessed radio off or listen to Vivaldi or just about anything else than radio ads.


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